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Jewellery Care

Care Instructions

If you want to enjoy your Dilly piece for a lifetime, we advise you to handle it with care. In order to ensure your piece maintains its appearance, remember to remove your jewellery before exercising, cleaning or other physical activities.

To keep your jewellery looking like new, regularly take care of your piece by using a jewellery cloth. Polish the pieces with a gentle touch. Store your jewellery in a jewellery box.

To clean your jewellery at home, follow these steps:

  1. Add some mild dishwashing liquid to lukewarm water;
  2. Stir the water and dish soap together using a spoon;
  3. Carefully place jewellery in the prepared liquid and soak it for about 20 - 30 minutes. This will help loosen any dirt;
  4. After soaking, use a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt. Brush the jewellery gently;
  5. Rinse out the jewellery with clean water;
  6. Dry the jewellery with a soft cloth.

    Dilly Jewellery Care

    If your jewellery piece becomes dull over time and a bath doesn't work, I would like to advise you to go to a jeweller to get it cleaned and polished professionally.